Stephen W. Johnson

Attorney at Law

Stephen W. “Steve” Johnson founded CornerStone Law LLC in 1997. Mr. Johnson has been continuously licensed in Kansas for more than 44 years. He’s active in the Newton community, serving with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Asbury Park, Boy Scouts, Newton’s Historic Preservation Commission, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Practice Areas

Family Law & Adoption

Adoptions, paternity and custody cases, and prenuptial agreements — family law is one of the most emotional areas of the law. It’s important to approach the specifics of your case with a level head. Let me help you take steps to protect yourself and your family.
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Estate Planning & Probate

Creating a will can protect your assets, children, donations, and more. In the state of Kansas, you can build your will as soon as you turn 18 years old. I will help you create a strategic plan for your estate so that your wishes are carried out correctly.
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Criminal Defense

It only takes one small mistake to disrupt your future. With knowledgeable guidance from the right attorney by your side, you have a greater chance of reducing penalties and maintaining a clean record. I'll fight for you in court and help you get your life back on track.
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A Firm Parents Can Trust
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Whether you’re facing a family dispute or a criminal charge, I make the protection of your children a top priority.”
Stephen W. Johnson

As a parent, the results of your case can have powerful and long-lasting implications for you and your children. At CornerStone Law LLC, I understand your position and work hard to reach a favorable outcome.

I begin your case by listening to your story and empathizing with what you’re going through. From there, I provide honest and direct guidance. I understand that this case may be one of the most important events in your life, and I take that responsibility seriously. When you’re trying to provide the best possible life for your children, let me empower and support you.

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The CornerStone Difference


I do everything I can to minimize the costs of your case. This enables you to focus on your case and strive for the best outcome — rather than worry about the expenses of doing so.


Nobody enjoys taking their case to court. I understand that this is a difficult experience, and I work with you to make the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.


I am passionate about changing the world for the better. Whether it’s by helping you through your case or volunteering with community organizations, I am focused on meaningful connections.

When your case spans across multiple areas of the law,
I work to ensure you get the best results possible

If you have an estate planning, criminal defense, or family law matter on your hands, what characteristics are you looking for in your attorney? Perhaps compassion, dedication, and trustworthiness top your list. At the same time, your very livelihood may be at stake. You need more than just any lawyer — you need a dedicated advocate.

This is precisely what you’ll find when you partner with CornerStone Law LLC. I combine their knowledge of the law with a strong sense of empathy for your circumstances. The result is a trusted partnership where your lawyer is just as much your confidant as they are your litigator.

When you work with CornerStone Law LLC, I pledge a solid commitment to you and your case. Whether you have questions throughout the process, or you’re looking for honest guidance for your next steps, I make myself available to you. It’s my pleasure to help you turn this difficult situation into a wonderful opportunity.

CornerStone Law LLC is less than 30 miles from Wichita, less than 40 miles from Hutchinson, and less than 15 miles from communities such as Hesston, Zimmerdale, Walton, Halstead, and Elbing. Our office is located in Newton, but we are happy to represent clients throughout Kansas. Contact us today to arrange your consultation.