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When you think about your families, the law may not be the first thing to come to mind. Though family is often where you turn to in order to escape the hardships of the world, sometimes your family is the source of your struggles. When this happens, the law steps in to help protect you and your family.

Common Family Law Cases

Family law encompasses a variety of cases — all involving family relationships. Below are a few examples of common cases where you may need a family lawyer:

  • Child custody. Losing custody of your child can be devastating. When the court tries to determine what’s in the best interests of your child, you need a compelling case.
  • Visitation rights. If you’ve lost custody, all hope is not lost. Your visitation rights case can result in a schedule that works for both you and your child.
  • Adoptions. Though the need for willing parents is high, adoptions are complex legal matters that can’t be rushed.
  • Divorce. As marriage involves the law, so does divorce. Working with an attorney can result in a simpler and less emotional process.
  • Paternity. The results of your paternity case can determine your child custody and visitation rights.Domestic violence or child abuse. Violence within a family is heartbreaking. Family law cases can help the victims get the protection they need.
  • Prenuptial agreements. No engaged couple dreams of getting a divorce, but a prenuptial agreement can provide invaluable protection for the couple’s assets and family

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The Kansas Adoption Process

Adoption is one of the most important family law matters. Whether you’re hoping to adopt a current family member from their legal guardian or you’re passionate about helping in the world’s orphanage crisis, the process can be time-consuming.

In Kansas, there are a variety of adoption types — from stepparent adoption to international adoption to agency adoption. Regardless of your case’s type, these are the steps you will likely follow:

  • Obtain adoption consent. Both parents of the child in question must consent to the adoption — unless the parents have had their parental rights terminated.
  • Undergo evaluation. Everything from your home to your lifestyle will be considered to ensure that you are fit to be the legal guardian for the child in question.
  • Hold an adoption hearing. Provided that the birth parents consent and you do well on the evaluation, the remaining step is to hold an adoption hearing before the court.

Each of these steps can become complicated and emotional. As you seek to make your adoption dream become reality, it’s crucial to have a compassionate family attorney on your side.

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Stephen W. Johnson at CornerStone Law, LLC in Newton, Kansas understands what you’re feeling during this emotional time. I will come alongside you to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your family law case, whether you’re looking to adopt, gain custody of your child, create a prenuptial agreement, or otherwise protect the family you’ve worked hard to build.