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In Kansas, the Parole Board may release a convicted defendant (an inmate) from prison and place them under the supervision of a Parole Officer until their sentence is complete. During the period of such parole, the parolee is expected to follow a series of responsibilities and adhere to the conditions of the parole. Violating any terms of the parole may result in serious consequences, including arrest, jail time, fines, or the possibility of longer parole.

If you've been charged with a parole violation, you must retain a skilled Kansas criminal defense attorney to help build your defense. At CornerStone Law, LLC, I have the resources to provide comprehensive representation and dependable advocacy to clients facing parole violation allegations. As your legal counsel, I can evaluate the aspects of your case and determine your best defense strategy to maximize your chances of the most favorable outcome.

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What Is Considered a Parole Violation?

Parole is the conditional freedom or release for prison inmates who have served part of their sentence. When on parole, you will be placed under the supervision of a parole officer until you complete the remaining part of your sentence. However, you must adhere strictly to the terms and conditions of your parole. A parole violation occurs when a parolee breaks, violates, refuses, avoids, or ignores any of the terms of their conditional release.

Common Parole Violations

Below are some of the ways through which parole may be violated:

  • Failure to report to the parole officer

  • Failure to abide by court-ordered counseling

  • Failure to pay fines

  • Breaking curfew

  • Failure to pass a drug test

  • Unauthorized contact with the victim

  • Arrest for an unrelated crime

  • Traveling outside the area without permission

  • Meeting individuals or visiting places you were asked to avoid.

A practiced Kansas probation violations attorney can evaluate every aspect of your case, identify the parole conditions that were violated, and inform you about what to expect during the parole revocation hearing.

Parole Revocation Hearing Process in Kansas

Here are the processes involved in a parole revocation hearing in Kansas:

Arrest Warrant

The Secretary of Corrections may issue an arrest warrant once it has been established that a parolee violated any of the conditions of their parole.

Preliminary Hearing (Probable Cause)

If the parole officer wants to pursue revocation proceedings, they will initiate the process. A preliminary or probable cause hearing will be conducted by an impartial hearing officer and the field parole staff. The parolee may be returned to custody if probable cause is found. A revocation hearing will be scheduled before the Prisoner Review Board (Parole Board). You may be allowed to present witnesses and documentary evidence that are relevant to the alleged violation.

Written Report Given to Board

After the preliminary hearing, the hearing officer will submit a written report to the Prisoner Review Board.

Board Ruling

The Parole Board will determine whether to overrule or accept the findings provided by the hearing officer. If the parole violation is established to the Board's satisfaction, a final hearing will be scheduled.

Final Hearing

During the final hearing, the Board will determine whether the parolee violated a condition of parole. Depending on the majority vote, the Prisoner Review Board may continue the parole, revoke the parole, or take other suitable actions.

Possible Penalties

If you're found guilty of parole violation, some possible penalties include:

  • Arrest

  • Revocation

  • Longer parole

  • Criminal charges

  • Fines

An experienced attorney can strategize an effective defense to establish a strong case and attempt to dispute the charges against you with substantial evidence in pursuit of the best possible outcome.

How Legal Counsel Can Help

When released on parole in Kansas, you must abide by certain conditions of your release. Unfortunately, failure to comply with your parole conditions or report to your parole officer may cause your parole to be revoked, and you will have to return to custody. Therefore, if you're facing parole violation charges, consulting with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is essential to building your defense.

At CornerStone Law, LLC, I have the diligence, resources, and competence to guide and represent individuals wrongfully accused of parole violations. As your attorney, I will review the surrounding facts of your case and carry out a thorough investigation. Having me on your side can increase your chances of the best available outcome in your parole violation case.

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